I have always liked tinkering with things, be it electronics, 2 stroke engines, productivity workflows, legos, code, automation, data analytics, and so on. My father instilled this engineer mindset in me at a very young age always tagging along with him to tinker.

Fast-forward a few years and I found myself at University developing my skillset and really pushing the entrepreneur mindset.


Between all of my involvements school, clubs, NCAA athlete, and more I didn’t have time to waste on a minimum wage job working down the street. So I found other methods to make money as a college student from cutting hair in the bathroom, to fixing students phones and computers.

Upon graduating I got a corporate day job to get some experience, start to build a retirement and savings, but not long after I graduated I found myself researching the steps to creating a small business. After several weeks of brainstorming and planning I finally came to a starting point for my first business which was iGeekuPlay – Change the way you play!

Now I have had many successes and unsuccessful opportunities working with various startups and pivoting in my own business. We are still iGeekuPlay but now our tagline is “You and your team work hard everyday, but we can make it a little easier!”






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